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November & December Preventative Maintenance

Winter in the Northwest can be very unpredictable. Preventative maintenance needs to be performed BEFORE it gets cold, it can creep up on you!

Broken pipes are a worst case scenario, in order to prevent it, disconnect all hoses from exterior faucets. Even frost free spigots (faucets) can freeze, so better safe than sorry. Install a faucet cover, they are not expensive, water damage is!

If weather stripping is failing around windows or doors replace it. These types of drafts cause wasted heat.

Replace the filters in your heating and cooling systems. Whether you use these year round or not, replacing the filters is pivotal to lengthening the lifespan of these vital systems.

To our amazing residents who are reading this, if you need help with any of these items, just let us know. We appreciate you and all you contribute to the wonderful homes you live in. :)

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