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Peace of mind is what we sell; 

we will always put in our best effort, every time, without fail.

Welcome Home Property Management is a small, non-traditional management company in Lacey, WA.  We are selective in who we take on as customers to ensure we are providing the best customer service at all times.  Quality over quantity; no one is just a number.  


Our vision is to treat every customer with the utmost respect and caring, with complete honesty, integrity and transparency.  Who are our customers, you ask?!  Every Board member, every homeowner, every prospect, every vendor!  

For our homeowner associations we provide guidance, experience, continual communication and forward moving action.

Please click the link below for a word from our Founder/President - Tiana Kleinhoff



HOA Management

Who wants to chastise their neighbor for an unkempt lawn?!  Let us help.  


Your HOA/Condo Association is built to help EVERYONE maintain the value of their home;

we can help you maintain that order and efficiency.

CC&R's and Governing Documents can be hard to understand; 

we can help make this process seamless.  


Whether you are looking for full management, financials only, or just some consulting, we are happy to help.  


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Regardless of what you decide - INFORMATION IS ALWAYS FREE!!  If you decide to manage on your own and not use our services, we won't hold a grudge!  We offer our expertise as consultants to HOAs in an effort to make everyone better and elevate our community.

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